John Stavrianopoulos is a Multiplying Good One in a Million Award recipient. He’s among the millions of people who are putting others first and using service as a solution to the problems we're facing. Read his story below then nominate someone who's making a difference during this unprecedented time!

One in a Million Award recipient: John Stavrianopoulos

Where he’s multiplying good: Danville, California

How he’s multiplying good: He is One in a Million. “I choose to devote a lot of love into what I do, no matter if I am helping one person or a thousand. I am a passionate leader. I have been motivated to give high-quality tutoring to those who may not be able to afford a paid tutor, need academic help, or are just signing up to talk to someone. I am the President of a free one-on-one or group tutoring organization called Study Studio. Traditionally, the club has focused on tutoring high schoolers, but I expanded the tutoring service to middle school students. With many parents stressing about the status of their jobs and ensuring a positive future for their family during this global crisis, I wanted to provide free tutoring to their kids to take some stress off their plates. I noticed an educational barrier in which my sibling was having a lot of difficulty with the quick transition. I am very focused on making the students’ transition onto the next level as smooth as possible. Study Studio tutors are investing our time in the future generation of engineers, doctors, accountants, and business people. No student’s learning should be limited because of the current situation. We began by helping students navigate through their technology as they are not all experts yet. I have created academic plans and schedules for many students. I get very encouraged by the students’ commitment. After wrapping up a session, I will assign a few practice problems for them to do on their own. The reward comes when I see the reaction from those who I am helping. Either that “Ah-ha” moment or when they strive to accomplish a full understanding of a new subject is so meaningful. I cherish this time. From observing other tutors helping out students, it has been a win-win. The tutors may understand a new approach or learn something new from these very bright students. It has been a pleasure to provide volunteering opportunities to my peers and educational advantages to those who need it most.”