On June 25th, the SF Giants were pleased to honor recent John Henry High School graduate, Juan Cerritos. As both the President of Students In Action and the Vice-Chairperson of the Senior class, Juan is respected by his peers and classmates for his selflessness and encouragement.

John Henry High School is located on the Richmond marina. A non-traditional location that had some of the school’s neighbors less than enthusiastic about the school’s presence. Under Juan’s guidance, the 5-member SIA team decided to demonstrate the school’s positive impact at the location and within the community by hosting several successful marina clean-ups. Juan’s team creatively encouraged other students to volunteer in the clean-up by including a scavenger hunt in the event at well. The successful clean up netted 30 large bags with garbage from the marina! Concerned about escalating stress and increased apathy on campus and also wanting to create an inclusive and positive learning community, Juan and the team decided to tackle the problems in creative and fun ways. They created a Gratitude Poster where students posted colorful sticky notes about things they were grateful for. The poster helped give a public affirmation of positivity amongst the student body. They helped students from different grade levels engage with each other via fun lunchtime activities such as Rock, Paper Scissors…Shoot-that all starts with a compliment to each player.

Finally, during mid-terms, Juan and the team helped to alleviate stress by offering care packages, hot chocolate, and tea for sale to the students. The proceeds of the sales were donated to a local mental health counseling community center called “Familias Unidas”. Juan’s advisor, Forest Borie, says that “The beauty of Juan’s heart is demonstrated every day by his personal struggle to make the lives of his classmates and community better.” Juan is a rising freshman at San Francisco State University in the fall. For tirelessly seeking solutions to improving the lives of his fellow students, school, and community and for lifting the spirit and morale at his school, the SF Giants were pleased to celebrate Juan Cerritos at the Home Plate Ceremony.